Our Mission, Aims and Outcomes


  • Promote wellbeing through singing and music to adults in Oxfordshire


  • Practise natural voice techniques
  • Participation – provide accessible, inclusive, participatory projects
  • Propagate community singing practitioners through training and mentoring
  • Partnership working with arts, health and social care, advocacy organisations
  • Passion – create volunteering opportunities for participants to share singing with people in their communities – Peer Chorus.


  • Increase wellbeing
  • Reduce isolation – enable people to meet others in the same area
  • Build social capital
  • Benefit people living with long term health conditions
  • Enable volunteering opportunities for participants
  • Increase the number of adults in Oxfordshire who benefit from singing
  • Offer opportunities to be active

Click on the link below to read our latest Chair’s Report:

Sound Resource Chairs Annual Report July 2018.jpg

Sound Resource Chair Annual Report 2018