Moving Music

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Moving Music concerts have been running since 2007, and were recently, in 2019 brought under the Sound Resource umbrella.

The concerts offer an opportunity for people, along with their family, friends or professional carers, to enjoy a concert experience together, with professional musicians, in a music auditorium with good access and a friendly and supportive atmosphere, at times which they can manage.

Moving Music concerts combine performance by professional and other musicians of a high standard, along with sing-along songs for the audience.  Refreshments are served from 30 minutes before the concerts, allowing the audience time to park, come in, settle down and socialise before the concert starts.

The concerts are held 4 times per year, on varying days of the week, with the option of attending in the morning or afternoon.

Feedback from Moving Music Audiences includes:

‘My husband so enjoyed it and volunteered this information. I felt as if I had had a mini holiday.’

‘It left my companion with a very uplifted feeling of well-being.’

‘The concert was very well organised and enjoyable. My residents had great pleasure from today’s concert.’

We liked ‘The friendly informal atmosphere, inclusiveness, excellent music.’

‘Cheered us up, woke us up, made us jolly!’

Moving Music